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Split Decisions : Who's Still Together From Connubial Class of '81? Charles and Di, Ringo and Barbara, Mo and Den . . .


In fact, the governor, a widower and a Catholic, was in love. The object was Evangeline Gouletas, a rich, glamorous, Greek-born condo queen, widowed once and divorced once. Or so she said on her marriage license.

A few days after the elaborate Greek Orthodox ceremony, Carey's office released a statement saying, oops, Evangeline had been married three times before, not two. What's more, supposedly dead Husband No. 1 surfaced to say he was alive. The Roman Catholic Church was not happy. Carey's marriage, the Brooklyn Diocese said, could not be sanctioned.

The intrepid Careys appealed to the Vatican to annul the bride's previous marriages. It takes 10 years to get this sort of ruling from Rome, and 10 years won't be up till this fall.

At the moment, Carey and Evangeline are still technically married, even though the Vatican hasn't said whether they were really married and even though she spends her time in Chicago while he spends his in New York.

Daddy's Girl

Then-President Ronald Reagan was still recuperating from bullet wounds suffered during an assassination attempt, so he didn't make it to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for daughter Maureen's April, 1981, wedding to law clerk Dennis Revell. But he sent his best wishes by phone. Since the President and Nancy were the year's poster people for enduring wedded bliss, those wishes no doubt accounted for something.

Thanks, Dad. It's working so far. Mo and Den have been married 10 years and three months.

Designer Destiny

Yes, there is more good news. When actress Barbara Bach and former Beatle Ringo Starr survived a mean car crash in 1980, they decided they were destined to be together. Forever. Barbara once said the couple never did anything separately, which How-to-Be-Happy experts say is the death knell for even the healthiest relationship. But destiny being stronger than how-to books, Barb and "Ritchie" sailed together past the Seven-Year Itch. They even went into an alcohol rehab program together, which helped kick off Ringo's 1988 comeback tour--which Barbara and Ringo went on--together.

They, too, have been married for 10 years and three months. Probably because they sang "All You Need is Love" at the reception. Money doesn't hurt, either. Last month, they paid cash for a new Beverly Hills home.

Meanwhile, back in England: Money hasn't hurt The Royals, although they don't use theirs for the Ringo-Barbara Togetherness Plan. Chuck and Di own enough homes so that they never have to sleep under the same roof.

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