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Eagle Rock Team Effort

August 11, 1991

In regard to the At Home article (July 14) while your story was quite good there are a couple of facts that were incorrect.

The Eagle Rock community was indeed upset over the "Rock" when construction was proposed below it. However, the residents did not get together and form the Eagle Rock Assn.

The Eagle Rock Assn. had been in existence prior to this situation. As soon as the proposal became public information, the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce notified the local service organizations and clubs to get together to save the rock--thus forming the "Save The Eagle Rock Committee."

This committee was composed of representatives from each group plus some residents. It was chaired by a chamber director and all funds raised were placed in a special account opened by the chamber. Each club/organization representative was in charge of a different task.

The Eagle Rock Assn. was in charge of publicity for our major fund-raiser--the Community Pancake Breakfast--which an estimated 3,000 people attended along with our political representatives. During the efforts to save the "Rock" the Eagle Rock Assn. did sponsor a rally at the site.

It truly was a community group effort. There was not one club singularly responsible for fund raising. As of date the money raised is collecting interest and the chamber is still selling "Save Our Rock" T-shirts.

The second item I wanted to mention is that the current population of Eagle Rock is estimated to be 30,500. Your other figures under "At a Glance" I am not familiar with, nor have I checked on them at this time, although they do look somewhat low. I am curious as to where these figures were obtained.

Thank you for your story. It was nice to read about the community I grew up in and live and work in today.

KAYE M. BECKHAM, President, Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce

Editor's note: Data for At a Glance are provided by The Times Editorial Research Library working in conjunction with the National Planning Data Corp. in Ithaca, N.Y. Population estimates are arrived at using census tract maps, but in an area like Eagle Rock, which does not have the distinct boundaries of an incorporated city, some interpolations are necessary. The age figure is from the census and the figures on income are drawn from a survey by the U.S. Census Bureau.

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