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MOTOR RACING / BRIAN MURPHY : La Canada's Kendall on the Fast Track to Recovery After Crash

August 17, 1991|BRIAN MURPHY

For the record: It was incorrectly reported last week that the Las Vegas stop of the NASCAR Western States Challenge would be raced at Silver State Raceway in Las Vegas. The race will be held at Las Vegas International Raceway.

Add for the record: Just two weeks after you thought Julianne Seeley had become the first woman to win a main event at Saugus Speedway (July 4), it was reported that Lisa Owens had won a main event in 1987.

Now Owens joins Seeley in the back seat.

Former track publicist Lyn Pherigo produced a document recounting a 1979 win in a Street Stock main event by Cindy Dovar of Van Nuys, who drove an Oldsmobile. Dovar started 18th in a field of 24.

Hi, Mom: This Thursday at Saugus Speedway the lights will be on at 7:30 p.m.--but not for racing.

Fox Television will be taping stunts for its new series, "The Ultimate Challenge," which premieres this fall. Hollywood stuntman Spanky Spangler will attempt a 50 m.p.h. jump through a 30-ton pyramid of stacked cars.

Trivia answer: Seeley of Canyon Country (No. 18), Ron Cerven of Lancaster (No. 27) and Kelly Colgan of Shadow Hills (No. 65).

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