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Consider Term Limits

August 18, 1991

Well, the opening salvo has been fired by Santa Monica Councilman Dennis Zane in the campaign to change the charter to pay our City Council. I guess we're to feel sorry for him that he can't make a living and be politically active.

Once again a politician is willing to work for us if we'll pay. If we made this a full-time paid position, does that mean he would never burn out? Doesn't he understand that people who hold regular jobs burn out? Perhaps it's time for a career change.

His hope that voters will pay the council so its members can stay in office longer is frightening. Isn't 17 years enough of a lock by Santa Monicans for Renters Rights? Proposition 140 and other movements to limit terms seem only to apply outside Santa Monica.

I hope residents are aware that a citizen task force was appointed by this council to review various charter provisions, such as district elections, term limits and, of course, pay for council members.

I hope the charter commission will review more than just pay. I hope it will seriously consider term limits.


Santa Monica

Editor's note: Alvarez was a candidate for Santa Monica City Council in last year's election.

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