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A Day In The Park

August 22, 1991|KAREN KINGSBURY

John Quimby Park

7008 De Soto Ave., Canoga Park

Size: 1.6 acres.

Facilities: Outdoor basketball court, picnic tables, children's play area.

Telephone: (818) 989-8190.

Hours: 8 a.m. to dusk daily.

De Soto Avenue in Canoga Park has gained a reputation as apartment row because of the many residential buildings that line both sides of the street near John Quimby Park. As the number of apartment buildings has increased in the area, so has the popularity of the small but well-kept park.

Park workers say the park is busy at almost every time of the day because of its high visibility from passersby along De Soto. The park is a favorite among young and old alike who play pick-up basketball on the full-size outdoor court. Many of these players bring their families to the park, named for former Assemblyman John P. Quimby, a Democrat from San Bernardino who served from 1963 to 1975, because of the children's play equipment and tables, perfect for afternoon picnics.

"It has really become more of a need to have these parks in the high-density areas where there are many apartment buildings," said Al Goldfarb, spokesman for the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department. "I think the proof of that is the popularity of parks like John Quimby."

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