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Does Your Cable Operator Measure Up?

August 25, 1991

The National Cable Television Assn. has recommended standards for customer service among cable companies during "normal operating conditions."

(The NCTA opposes government re-regulation of cable, a possibility under the Senate's proposed Cable Television Consumer Protection Act of 1991. These recommendations may be a way of backing up the argument that the cable industry is capable of policing itself.)

Among the voluntary guidelines:

* Telephone answer time, including hold time and transfer time, should be 30 seconds or less--and phones should be answered in no more than four rings.

* Customers should get a telephone busy signal less than 3% of the time.

* Installations should be performed within seven business days.

* Service interruptions should be responded to promptly--and no later than within 24 hours.

* Customers should be notified at least 30 days before rate or channel changes.

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