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Lamenting the Lack of Salon Inspectors

December 01, 1991

Any professional in any business must believe that an educated customer is the best customer. I think your article on Southern California's nail salons intended to educate nail care consumers, but I am afraid it has also created unnecessary fear.

Granted, there are bad apples in the nail industry, as in every industry. They are shady business people who operate without a license and take advantage of the unsuspecting consumer. But the reality is, most nail technicians are conscientious and professional and operate safe salons. This professionalism is evident in the fact that nearly 80% of U .S. nail technicians continue their technical training by attending clinics, trade shows and seminars and by reading trade magazines.

A few suggestions were made in the article that could create a backlash against nail salons that abide by the rules of their industry, but that do not go above and beyond what is required by the state.

You do a disservice to those salons by suggesting that customers who patronize them do so at their peril. For example, a nail technician cleaning her implements with alcohol is following not only what has been taught in cosmetology school, but what is required by state law.

Obviously, there is a call to action to state legislators to re-evaluate cosmetology education in this state and provide a more reasonable budget for salon inspectors.

We applaud any effort to help consumers understand how to choose a good nail salon. There is only good that can come of an educated consumer.


Editor/Associate Publisher

NAILS magazine

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