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Those Rams of Old Don't Exist Anymore

December 14, 1991

Yes, Virginia, the Rams of Los Angeles did have a football team--but that was many, many years ago.

In those days the owner shaved his face instead of his legs. The general manager knew the difference between an NFL quarterback and Dieter Brock. He read the NFL "Scouting Report" and not "How to post Debits and Credits."

And Virginia, they had pros wearing the Ram uniform: Lundy, Grier, Olson, Jones, Scibelli, Mack, Snow, Pardee and Reynolds to name a few who were proud to be Rams.

But most all they had a coach, George Allen, who taught, anticipated and received commitment, interest, focus and excitement from his players. He introduced trick plays of likes you have never seen: the blocked punt, the interception, the fumble recovery, the sacked quarterback.

But the spirit, the interest, the commitment are all gone.

So Virginia, on your next trip to Anaheim, plan to visit Disneyland. Managers of that amusement park seem to know what they are doing.


El Cajon

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