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Duarte Residents Express Their Civic Pride

December 15, 1991

Mr. Desens certainly has the right to express anything in his letter that he feels appropriate.

Our concern is the appearance that the Los Angeles Times has made a very untrue (and editorial) comment with the headline "Duarte's Government Neglects Residents." The appearance is that the Los Angeles Times is supporting Mr. Desens' position and that his experience is an accepted reality.

The city of Duarte has made monumental strides in meeting the needs of its residents and improving the quality of life, not only for those in Duarte but in all of the neighboring communities.

The Redevelopment Agency, the City Council and city government have repeatedly demonstrated to us that they do not and would not neglect the needs and sensitivities of residents.

We feel that it is truly unfortunate that the Los Angeles Times has participated in this untrue portrait of Duarte's city government.


Chief Executive Officer

Santa Teresita Hospital


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