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Councilman Focuses on Basic Values

December 19, 1991

While many hard times lie ahead for South Gate and for the residents the City Council serves, all of us must look to the future as an exciting time filled with tremendous challenges. As South Gate's economy restructures and rebuilds, the City Council, staff and employees, and each resident must show the ingenuity and expertise that made South Gate a 1990 All-America city.

To continue in a leadership role, the City Council has a responsibility to set the standard in innovation, production and in how the City Council conducts its business--serving the needs of all citizens. We all need to reaffirm a number of basic, underlying values that determine the way the city does business. These values include:

* Putting the needs of all citizens first.

* Pursuing a constant quest for quality in service delivery.

* Treating each other with respect and dignity.

* Committing to the highest standards of integrity.

* Placing a high value on teamwork.

* Being good citizens in our community.

By adhering to these values and by continuing to pursue a focused strategy and disciplined management, I am confident that South Gate will be a strong city, a city where all the citizens feel confident that everyone is working in partnership.


South Gate city councilman

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