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NEIGHBORS : Porter Salute : Five Master Chorale members will perform in Camarillo to raise funds for a trip to Prague in June.


Five members of the Ventura County Master Chorale will perform Cole Porter's greatest hits Tuesday night at Camarillo's Bill Esty Community Center. Their musical accompaniment? None other than Richard Franke and his orchestra.

The affair will begin at 7:30 and will end, oh, sometime after midnight. But Franke shouldn't have any problem with the late hours--after all, he was Guy Lombardo's pianist for many years.

This, by the way, is the chorale's first New Year's Eve party. The chorale members decided it would be a good way to raise money for a June trip to Prague, where they have been invited to perform in the New World Music Festival. That is, they can attend as long as chorale members can pay their way.

Following the festival, chorale members will probably tour Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Now, here's a real case of false advertising.

A third-grade class at Berylwood School in Simi Valley was preparing for a field trip to a certain nearby presidential library. One student, needing a parent's OK to participate, told his mother, excitedly, "We're going to Ragin' libraries."

No word as to how disappointed he was to learn that the Reagan Library has no water slides. But he was openly disappointed that the tour included no books.

It's been two months since Busy Babes Beauty Supply and Salon opened for business in Ojai. Since then the folks running it have been advertising the business as a "retrogressive, progressive salon."

Well, I figured it was about time to find out what exactly an "r-p" salon does. It was difficult for owner Lisa Clark to put it into words. "We're very flexible here," she said. In other words, they're willing to go with the flow.

And which way is hair flowing these days?

"At this point in time we're kind of in a retrogressive phase in style and in the way hair goes," Clark said. "Definitely look for up-style hairdos, piled up on top of the head. It's been that way for the last year. I think Ivana Trump brought it back." (Note: Four customers came into the salon last week to get beehive hairdos before attending Christmas parties.)

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