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Voucher Plan Clarifies 2 Schools of Opinion

December 29, 1991

Before a voucher system is implemented many questions should be asked.

Who will benefit and who will be hurt? Private school tuition probably will skyrocket so those schools can get the best teachers.

Private schools usually have an entrance exam. Will this be eliminated? No. They probably will be made more difficult because of the increase in applications.

Which leads to the question why are these schools better? Private schools' classes are usually two or three times smaller and parents usually are extremely involved in their children's education. Public schools do not have entrance exams and will not be allowed to have one under this legislation. Is this true competition?

Private schools can turn away students. Public schools are required by law to take all comers. If there are too many students, public schools are forced to make room. Is this true competition?

What about children with special needs? Private schools gladly accept the "gifted" students while the public schools must deal with the "slow" learners. Will this proposal make private schools accept "slow" students? No. Will the public schools be allowed to turn these students away? No. Is this true competition?

What can we do to help make our schools succeed? Adults need to care. Education is one generation's gift to the next. If one generation cares little about education, then children will see that as a sign education is not a valued commodity and will not pursue excellence no matter what program is used.



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