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User's Fees for Homeless

January 22, 1992

I would like to suggest a modest proposal that Gov. Wilson might consider in light of the state budget crisis.

While his proposed cuts in welfare, food stamps, renter's credits and other assistance for poor and working Californians is clearly most fair and impartial, the serious economic problems we face due to looted thrifts, junk bonds, tax cuts for the wealthy, mass corporate layoffs, etc., call for new solutions.

The homeless population is presently one of the few growth sectors of our economy, and its members are definitely getting a "free ride."

It's high time user's fees were imposed on all prospective homeless sleeping areas, such as freeway underpasses, flood channels, alleys, etc.

If present trends continue, this idea would guarantee a major new source of revenue for the state.

We must be ready to seek bold and even seemingly unbelievable solutions for our problems, and with Pete Wilson as governor, we will certainly all enter an exciting new era.



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