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Night-Driving Glasses: Sight for Sore Eyes

January 22, 1992|LYNN SIMROSS

It's rare when someone who isn't selling something decides to get the word out about it.

That's what happened with Ortho night-driving glasses.

Pete Youngers, a traffic safety expert from Seattle, tried the new night specs and pronounced them in the same safety category "as seat belts, air bags, good signage and defensive driving."

"I found the glasses to be extremely beneficial in all areas," Youngers says. "The glasses are very helpful at night in the rain. Our population is growing older and the glasses can certainly help older people who are greatly affected by bright lights. I also wore the glasses during the day and found them very restful."

Guess what? Youngers is right. Ortho night-driving glasses are terrific in rain or clear weather. They cut the glare from street lights and car lights and make the green and white freeway signs much easier to read. And those halogen lights on most of the new cars won't blind you anymore.

The brownish glass lenses were developed by accident. Michael Lewy, owner of Orthodontics Inc., a Gloversville, N.Y., company, was trying to make some special glasses for dental laboratory technicians. The first ones he fashioned were fine for the lab; then Lewy discovered people were wearing them to drive at night.

Lewy began tinkering with the formula and came up with even better night glasses that he has tested. He says they block 82% of halogen headlight glare, "three and a half times more of the halogen headlight glare from autos, trucks and buses than previously available amber lenses could." The lenses also block ultraviolet light.

Lewy cautions that the Ortho lenses "reduce the amount of light reaching your eyes and should not be worn by people with low vision problems." If in doubt, check with your eye doctor about them.

The Ortho glasses do not come with designer frames by any means. They have dull brown plastic frames or clip-ons for prescription glasses. They're designed for safety, not as a fashion statement.

Ortho night-driving glasses ($69.85 a pair, with case included; $119.85 for two pairs including shipping and handling) can be purchased from National Marketing Assn., 2031 196th St. S.W., Suite B 202, Lynnwood, Wash. 98036; (800) 541-8931.

Packing In the Aches and the Injury Pains

Thermosport is a new combination hot and cold pack that can help to temporarily relieve aches from muscle or tendon injuries and pain caused by arthritis.

There are several kinds of Thermosports: Leg wrap has extender straps and also works for forearms and upper arms; body wrap, also with extenders, for back and torso; a one-size-fits-all shoulder wrap; neck wrap for neck and upper shoulders; ankle wrap, also good for wrists; elbow/knee wrap.

Each Thermosport pack has a vinyl insert with a screw cap. You add water and ice for cold therapy; add hot water or microwave the pack for heat therapy. The outer case, made of coated nylon, is insulated and will keep the pack hot or cold up to three hours, according to the manufacturer. The reusable packs, which fasten with Velcro straps, are portable.

Thermosport packs (ranging from $29.95 to $49.95 depending on style and size) are available at Big 5 Sporting Goods stores, selected pharmacies or through Thermosport's toll-free number, (800) 729-8002.

Substance Helps Keep Stored Gasoline Fresh

If you're storing a collectible car you may want to consider Fuel Fresh from Mid America Designs, a Corvette parts and accessories catalogue company in Effingham, Ill.

Fuel Fresh is a gasoline preservative and stabilizer. According to Mike Yager, president of Mid America, adding this fluid to your tank will stop the oxidation of gasoline an eliminate the gums and varnishes that form after a petroleum product has been stagnant for more than two months.

It is effective on all kinds of gasoline, and keeps it fresh for up to two years. Manufacturers recommend using one ounce of Fuel Fresh to one gallon of gasoline.

Fuel Fresh ($6.95, plus $4.25 shipping and handling for a 16-ounce bottle) can be purchased by calling Mid America Designs' toll-free number (800) 637-5533.

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