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Ventura County News Roundup

COUNTYWIDE : Growers Get OK to Burn Organic Refuse

January 23, 1992|SHERRY JOE

More than 20 Ventura County residents took advantage of Wednesday's clear skies to burn agricultural refuse, creating billows of smoke and prompting residents to call the nearest firehouse.

Agricultural burning was allowed throughout the county Wednesday because sunny skies, moderate humidity and light winds allowed smoke to disperse into the atmosphere, said Kent Field, county Air Pollution Control District meteorologist.

The Ventura Fire Department received calls throughout the day, a dispatcher said. The Ventura County Fire Department and the County Government Center also received a few calls, officials reported.

Growers burn tumbleweeds, old trees, citrus trimmings and other organic refuse, Ventura County Fire Department dispatcher Dennis Miller said.

He also said 24 residents registered for burn permits Wednesday.

Burning has been allowed on three days this month, Field said. However, agricultural fires will be prohibited today because strong offshore winds are expected.

Information on whether burning is allowed may be obtained by calling the Air Pollution Control District at 654-2807.

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