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Binkley Asked for $600,000 Settlement From Long Beach


Before he was fired as Long Beach police chief, Lawrence L. Binkley unsuccessfully sought a settlement in which the city would have paid him $600,000, vindicated him of any alleged wrongdoings and given him a letter of recommendation, City Hall sources confirmed Friday.

Binkley, who was fired Jan. 17, also asked that the city pay his attorney fees, grant him a stress-related disability retirement and guarantee that any future damages arising from lawsuits filed against him would be paid by Long Beach, according to city officials.

His requests, which were conveyed by his attorney, were rejected.

"The reaction to the request was the same as that of U.S. commanders during the Battle of the Bulge: 'Nuts,' " said Councilman Warren Harwood. "It seemed wholly unjustified, unreasonable, nuts."

Said Councilman Doug Drummond: "Maybe that would be a correct demand in the corporate world. (But) in the world of city government, that's outrageous."

Binkley's attorneys could not be reached for comment.

During an earlier interview, attorney Jim Murphy said Binkley was not seeking special treatment in asking for a disability retirement. Murphy said Binkley only wanted to ensure that the city would not interfere with any future request seeking a disability retirement, which would pay him a higher percentage of his pension than a regular retirement.

Binkley was fired after a six-week review of his job performance and allegations about how he ran the department. He was cleared of wrongdoing and his attorneys have argued that he has been treated unfairly.

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