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Daniels, Strawberry Keep Their Distance : Dodgers: During winter workout it's clear that wounds of their previous feud are not healing.


In what could be a preview of an uneasy spring training, the Dodgers' Darryl Strawberry and Kal Daniels shared a clubhouse Friday without speaking to one another.

The players, who feuded earlier this winter when Strawberry suggested that Daniels be traded, said they never saw one another during the winter workout at Dodger Stadium.

Daniels spent most of the time in the weight room, and Strawberry remained in the clubhouse in street clothes.

"I didn't even know he was here," Strawberry said. "He's here?"

But Daniels made it clear that relations between him and Strawberry will remain cool.

"What's done is done," Daniels said after his first appearance at the stadium this winter. "It's like when a doctor cuts off your leg. There isn't anything you can do about it. You know the doctor made a mistake, but what is he going to say if you talk to him about it? What can he say?

"You've got to learn to live with that doctor's mistake. No talking is going to fix it."

Said Strawberry: "It's a dead issue, as far as I'm concerned. There is nothing to get settled."

Daniels, who lost his left-field spot when the Dodgers traded for the Cincinnati Reds' Eric Davis shortly after Strawberry's comments, said he flew to Los Angeles from his south Florida home to check on the progress of trade talks. The Dodgers have been trying to deal him since the Davis trade.

"If I am going to be traded, I would like to be traded before the start of spring training," Daniels said. "I've seen guys who have to move everything during spring training, and it is not a pleasant experience. So I would like it done soon."

Daniels said, however, that he will not cause trouble if he is still with the team during camp, because he is sure he will not start the season on the Dodgers' bench.

"If I'm still on the team, I will be an everyday player here, I guarantee it," Daniels said.

The only possible position for him is first base, which would be a longshot, since the Dodgers acquired first baseman Todd Benzinger during the winter, and are also committed to rookie Eric Karros. Daniels has not worked at first this winter and does not even own a first baseman's mitt.

"But if I get to camp and they want me to go to first, I'll see what happens," Daniels said.

Fred Claire, Dodger vice president, said Daniels could play first base, but not until Claire exhausts his trade options.

"If there is a move there, we will make the move," Claire said. "We have not tried to disguise it."

Dodger Notes

Tim Crews, who has an 11-10 record with 15 saves in his career, signed a one-year contract worth $1.175 million. This leaves three arbitration-eligible Dodgers unsigned--Kal Daniels, Juan Samuel and Stan Javier. . . . Ramon Martinez, saying his arm feels fine, joined winter workouts for the first time. . . . Jeff Hamilton will visit Dodger Stadium Monday for the first time this winter, with officials eager to check the recovery of his injured left knee. . . . Dodger scout Mel Didier is quickly recovering from Jan. 7 surgery for prostate cancer. "They say they got it all, and that I'll have no problems," said Didier, who is expected to join the team at Vero Beach by March 1. Didier is best known for tipping Kirk Gibson on Dennis Eckersley's slider that Gibson hit for the home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. . . . George Hutton, a longtime Dodger Stadium usher and fixture behind home plate, is recovering from serious injuries suffered in an auto accident in south Florida.

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