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Some Old Faces at the New B of A

February 02, 1992

So Bank of America CEO Richard Rosenberg says "we are really knocking ourselves out to try and find . . . the best person for the job," "B of A's Rosenberg Vows Fairness to SecPac Staff" (Dec. 12).

Here are a few facts on the merger that apparently haven't been communicated to Rosenberg yet:

* Of the 168 managers announced so far for the new B of A, only 35% are from Security Pacific. Hardly the promised merger of equals.

* Neither B of A nor Security Pacific is selecting personnel using established job-posting systems.

The selection process is working from the assumption that the best people are already in the right place. Any other qualified candidates need not apply.

If you're interested in fairness, don't ask anyone with a golden parachute. Ask the people contemplating unemployment. Personnel selection will probably become fairer in the coming months, but only after all the "good old boys" are in place.



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