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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS : Cruising to Africa Ports

February 02, 1992|ERIC FRIEDHEIM

Question: Are there any cruises from the United States that include African ports?

Answer: Occasionally, ships making a seasonal transfer from America to other areas may include an African stop. Otherwise, there are a number of cruises available from European ports that include the Mediterranean and calls in East, West and South Africa.

Q: Do all airlines have special rates for travelers going to a funeral?

A: Except for Southwest, all airlines have bereavement fares, though rules differ from line to line. Delta, Northwest, American and USAir give 50% off coach fare; Continental, 45%, and America West, 20%. United and TWA also make concessions.

Q: Is it now possible to see the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia?

A: Cambodia is again open to tourists and several tour operators are offering trips there, as well as to Laos and Vietnam.

Q: On my foreign trip I'll be taking lots of photos. Are there rules about how many cameras I can bring?

A: Tourists carrying an unusual amount of photo equipment may raise questions in some countries, particularly if they're not carrying press or other special credentials. Exercise caution about photographing airports, bridges and other facilities considered of military importance. It's also wise to insure your cameras as part of your homeowner's policy, or your commercial policy if you're taking pictures for business.

Q: Is it true that I can get the best discounts by joining a travel club?

A: Some travel clubs do offer bargains, but before joining, know with whom you are dealing. Check with the airline or cruise line being offered. Ask whether you will receive official tickets or other documentation. Keep in mind that if you do not buy your ticket from an authorized source, the line need not honor the reservation.

Q: I'm told that some car rental companies may check my driving record with the state vehicle bureau before giving me a car. Is this legal?

A: Yes, companies can check for violations if they have reason to believe an applicant may pose liability problems.

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