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Canada's Cold Buster Bar to Heat Things Up in China

February 03, 1992|From Reuters

EDMONTON, Canada — A chocolate bar developed to protect people from the frigid Canadian winter will soon be manufactured in China.

Under a recent agreement signed with the Chinese government, the Canadian Cold Buster Bar will be produced at a factory outside Beijing for consumption in China.

The chocolate bar was developed by University of Alberta zoologist Larry Wang to increase human resistance to the cold by up to 50%.

Wang has said the bar is made of natural ingredients such as honey, skim milk and spices, but he intends to keep the recipe a secret.

For the Chinese production, the bar's ingredients will be premixed in Canada and sent to Beijing. The Chinese have jokingly dubbed the recipe "Wang's Magic Powder."

"Our approach is similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Anybody can raise chicken, but only Kentucky Fried Chicken has the secret spices to make their chicken," Wang said.

The Chinese became interested in the Cold Buster last July after reading news reports of the chocolate bar, Wang said.

Introduced last year, the Cold Buster has been sold only in a limited test market in western Canada. Its launch was affected earlier this month by threats from animal rights activists who said animals had suffered in the testing of the bar.

They sent bars contaminated with a caustic substance to the media and said store samples had also been tampered with. But a check of shore shelves turned up no contaminated samples, and the product will be shrink-wrapped from now on.

Wang said he is holding similar joint-venture discussions with other countries interested in producing the bar, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Australia and some Scandinavian countries.

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