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Publicity Needed to Increase Ridership on Bus to Encino

February 09, 1992

Re: "Bus to Encino has Everything Except Riders" (Times, Feb. 2). Both the non-RTD buses to Claremont (and points in-between) and to Encino (with stops in Glendale and Burbank) are good and are needed.

However, without maps being prominently displayed at designated stops and in general circulating publications, like newspapers and local city government publications, it is difficult if not impossible for citizens to know of their existence.

Buses probably should start out as vans. If traffic warrants, graduate to large-size buses. Bus should be of a color scheme to distinguish them from RTD's color scheme. The Foothill system buses do that.

Along with this, there should be bus parking lots where commuters can park and ride.

The population density of the routes is not sufficient to warrant full-blown, frequent service. These bus lines are excellent for shopping or visiting with friends or going to a particular meeting or event in the area.

Buses cut down on driver costs versus everyone taking their own car so the public does/will support these lines if the public knows of their existence.

The other requirement for the success of these lines is there has to be a need. Seeing the freeways plugged up with cars signals a need.


South Pasadena

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