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Torres' Efforts in Cleanup Process Is Applauded

February 09, 1992

My thanks go to Congressman Esteban E. Torres (D-Pico Rivera) for his strong efforts to forge a ground-water cleanup remedy that provides a local substitute to the EPA Superfund in the San Gabriel Valley.

The EPA process, associated cleanup delays and economic hardships for business owners and voters in the valley won't work here. Recent workshops and open meetings led by the congressman have resulted in the latest version of Torres' pending bill, HR 3207.

The bill should be of substantial interest to several hundred valley businesses, which the EPA may hold liable to help pay for cleanup costs.

Ground-water pollution occurred because some businesses contributed to the chemical contamination of the land around them. As a result, we will experience higher public water treatment costs and higher water bills.

The bill allows liability for the pollution to be resolved through a negotiated settlement and for possible polluters to contribute to the valley's basin cleanup. Businesses that sell, use or dispose of solvents should note that they could be liable and may benefit from the legislation.

The valley's Superfund cleanup site and resulting property liens are an unpleasant reality that must soon be faced.

Contact Torres' office for information and provide your input. For example, chambers of commerce in the valley could make their recommendations known.

A window of opportunity is opening.


Director, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

El Monte

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