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South Gate's Exclusive Trash Contract

February 13, 1992

The City Council has once again displayed a lack of conscience toward South Gate's residents and business community.

The City Council gave Western Waste Industries an exclusive right to collect residential, commercial and industrial waste in South Gate (Times, Jan. 26). The decision was made without allowing the opportunity for an open bid process. This denies the free enterprise system an opportunity to work. In a closed bid process, a company with the best service and price is not allowed the opportunity to compete. Also, local businesses are denied the option to negotiate their own contracts with other waste removal companies.

The illusion of a nasty back-room deal has been created. We do not want to see hidden deals in City Hall, especially when it means that our residential trash rates will almost double and businesses in South Gate will be forced to pay higher fees for trash removal.

There will be those attempting to cloud the issue of fairness and equity by stating that this contract meets state mandated regulations. While this is true, an open bidding process not only allows our city to meet these regulations, but also provides the opportunity to find a company offering the most cost-effective services benefiting the entire community.

At this time, the city can break the contract without penalty. This gives the City Council the opportunity to correct its mistake and perhaps, find a better deal.


South Gate

Robles is a candidate for City Council.

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