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NEIGHBORS : Mental L-Apse : Another Coors billboard has done it again to Filmore (oops! Fillmore). Who's to blame?


Well, the wacky pranksters who put up those Coors billboards have been at it again.

Remember awhile back when they spelled Fillmore with only one l? Well, a new billboard went up recently and, guess what, they had another mental l-apse.

Steve Basso, vice president of Basso Distributing Co. of Camarillo, a local Coors wholesaler, said he received some comments after the first misspelling.

"We did get a lot of teasing about it," he said. But all things considered, Basso is happy. "They did spell Oxnard right," he said, referring to another local advertisement.

And, we pointed out, they managed to spell Coors correctly. Basso seems satisfied. "That's two out of three," he said.

Coors continued: Basso may be satisfied, but we say enough's enough. Who's to blame here? Basso suggested that we call a company called Media Leasing in Chico.

We took his advice and spoke with David Neglio. We asked him to explain the situation.

"We're looking into that right now," he said. "We work to assist in planning. We're not involved in any way with the spelling, the production, the posting. I wouldn't even begin to know why it was misspelled again."

Explaining that his business is involved with finding the space for the advertisement, not the actual ad itself, Neglio said we ought to talk with a Coors representative.

We did. The representative's name? Bond . . . Steve Bond. He works for Coors advertising. Bond said the Patrick Media company is responsible for putting up the advertisement. But he did say the problem could be corrected quickly and easily.

"We'll just put up different paper," he said. Makes sense to us.

Residents and officials of Fillmore should not take the billboard snub personally; their city is not alone. "We've had a few mistakes," Bond said. "We've had four or five of them misspelled in 80 different cities."

Footnote: Bond made good on his word. As of late last week, the sign had been changed. The sign is now a generic Coors ad. At least Fillmore isn't mispelled--in fact, it isn't on there at all.

In August, Ventura's George White predicted that his Moby Dick Fish Market on Borchard Drive would be fully remodeled and back in business by Labor Day. That was Labor Day, 1991.

He may have been overly optimistic, but his goal has finally been realized. The market reopened last week. The holdup? Some problems with a contractor and some details that needed to be worked out with the city Planning Commission.

Now, in addition to the usual fish counter items, White will sell takeout meals. "Fish and chips, shrimp and chips, calamari and chips," he said. "I'll go all the way up to bouillabaisse, but I'll have to work up to that. I just need a little time before I start messing with that stuff."

We received a press release from Capitol Records promoting Friday's Ventura Theatre concert by the group XYZ and the opening act MSG. (Sounds like it should be broadcast on "Sesame Street.")

The release described recent events in the life of MSG, which includes signing a new label, getting a new producer and making "a record that captures their live spirit and love of a good time." The name of the first single is "Face Down in the Gutter."

Boy, that title has "good time" written all over it.

Ask David Willis of Ventura about Addis Ababa and he's likely to smile. It was his knowledge of this Ethiopian capital that helped him recently become a five-time champion on the television game show "Jeopardy."

"The subject was African history," Willis said. "It was a real involved one about the naming of Addis Ababa by an emperor's wife. 'Capital of Ethiopia' was the answer. People have asked me, 'Where the hell did you get that one?' "

Willis said it was his penchant for reading that led to his success on the show, which earned him $58,001. "The people who go on the show are very similar," he said. "They just do a good bit of reading out of personal preference and they remember things."

As a five-time winner, Willis will compete in the show's Tournament of Champions later this year.

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