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Rosemead : City May Forfeit State Funds

February 16, 1992

The City Council is considering forfeiting $32,426 in state air quality improvement funds to protest a recent $2 increase in vehicle registration fees.

A portion of the fees finances local clean-air projects, but Mayor Jay T. Imperial and Councilman Gary A. Taylor said Tuesday that the increase represents an additional tax on drivers and they refused to support it.

However, in a heated debate, Councilman Dennis McDonald pointed out that the state will continue to collect registration fees from Rosemead residents regardless of how the council votes.

If the city does not accept the funds, they will be dispersed among other local governments.

"You are voting with your pride and your ego," McDonald said after a 2-2 vote. "Just look at our budget. . . . Are you saying we couldn't use that money?"

Councilwoman Mary Clark abstained and requested that the matter be placed on the Feb. 25 agenda.

The council must submit an ordinance to the state next month if it intends to collect the clean-air funds.

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