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Solution Still Sought on Mobile Home Rents

February 16, 1992

Let me, as a Pomona mobile home tenant, set the record straight on Mayor Donna Smith and her infantile and misinformed attempts to find a solution to our rent problem.

Sorry, Madame Mayor, mediation doesn't work. You should know; you supported it in 1990, and it is common knowledge the park owners refused to bargain with renters.

Check your facts, Donna. You say you want to give subsidies to seniors. Can you be slightly more specific? Or haven't you checked with your own Housing Department lately? They tell tenants that Section 8 subsidies in Pomona are under severe strain and are no longer available.

Your own staff estimates that we can't even sign up to be put on a waiting list for at least three years.

Stop insulting the intelligence of park residents, Mayor Smith. Your idea of a park-by-park rent shows that you side with park owners and care little for helping the residents and landlords to come to a fair and reasonable solution to this problem.

If you wanted to solve this problem, you would join the movement for a rent control ordinance currently supported by over half of the Pomona City Council.



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