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Completion of 710 Freeway Project: An Asset or a Curse?

February 16, 1992

I represent the Los Angeles Corporate Center Owners' Assn. Los Angeles Corporate Center is a 110-acre office complex bordered directly on its west side by the Long Beach Freeway (710). Its north and south borders are directly adjacent to the Pomona Freeway (60) and the San Bernardino Freeway (10).

This office complex currently has a daytime population of 1,900 people. At full build-out, which is projected to occur in the next two years, we will have more than 3,000 employees arriving daily.

Many of the business owners and workers reside in the Pasadena/San Marino/Alhambra areas. Currently, they must take circuitous routes on surface streets to arrive here.

Additionally, we sold a parcel to the city of Monterey Park for development as a hotel.

The completion of the Long Beach Freeway gap would greatly enhance the viability of this hotel project and therefore tax revenues to the city of Monterey Park.


Secretary, Los Angeles

Corporate Center Owners' Assn.

Monterey Park

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