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Whom Do They Like Less: Downey or CBS?

February 22, 1992

After reading Mike Downey's smear of USA hockey coach Dave Peterson's postgame behavior, I think Mr. Downey needs to acquaint himself with some facts.

--The cheap shot against USA player Greg Brown left him with a concussion, a two-inch gash between his eyes and probably put him out for the tournament.

--This incident couldn't have happened without the approval of Sweden's coaches, who were being out-coached and embarrassed by Team USA.

--Like 1980 coach Herb Brooks, Peterson is a tough disciplinarian who stands by his players.

--In this era of politically correct behavior, it's refreshing to see a coach who is passionate about his team and its well-being.

--If Mr. Downey wants to see an example of true sportsmanship, the Swedish coach should apologize for his player's cheap shot.


Santa Monica

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