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Raunch Radio Redux

February 23, 1992

I commend and congratulate Claudia Puig's article "Radio in the Raw" (Feb. 9).

She was able to approach this issue without bias, using only those people interviewed for the article to state opinion--thereby allowing the reader to form his or her own opinion.

I wish I could find more uninfluential reporting in all forms of the media. GEORGE BATES

Fountain Valley

Thank you for giving every puritan yahoo and politically correct yo-yo out there valuable tips about how they can become rat finks for the Federal Communications Commission. Simply tape-record "objectionable" radio programs, then provide the FCC with times, dates and call signs. The only thing Puig neglected to mention was the FCC's address.

Fortunately, she won't have to worry much longer about those no-talent losers Mark & Boring. For years they have gotten away with stealing Howard Stern's material. Now that Stern is broadcast in L.A., the public has a chance to compare the two bozos with a true radio genius.

If you don't like a particular radio program, the solution is to exercise your free choice and turn the dial. There is no justification for the FCC bully boys to do Puig's or anyone else's dirty work in the censorship department.


Canoga Park

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