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Sheriff's Deputies' Actions Get High Marks

February 23, 1992

Recently my car was burglarized. After hearing a strange noise around midnight I opened my front door, stepped outside and saw a man in the front seat of my car.

I yelled out and he ran off with my car stereo. Another man appeared from the bushes of my neighbor and also ran. I ran after them for a short distance yelling all the way in hopes that some of the neighbors would wake and assist in some way. I returned to my home and immediately phoned the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department's Temple City station to report the crime. This is where the real story began.

The dispatcher picked up at the second ring and within moments was in communication with Deputies Labbe and Stewart with my description of the two suspects. In less than five minutes these two deputies had arrived at my home and began coordinating a comprehensive search.

In another minute, there was a aerial assistance from a helicopter. A report of a prowler in the neighborhood prompted the deputies to send me indoors for my protection. Based on my past experiences, I had little hope of recovering my property.

Fifteen minutes had passed when I was called outside by the deputies. On the hood of their car was my stereo. They also recovered the pair of gloves my wife had given me. In addition, there was another car stereo.

Words cannot express my awe and appreciation for these deputies. Even if they had not recovered my property, just watching their swift and thorough efforts in combination with a crisp professionalism and an attitude that shined with determination and the desire to serve would have satisfied me. This was truly a commendable performance.

I especially applaud Deputies Labbe and Stewart for both their leadership qualities and their sensitivity to myself and my family during this experience.



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