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Differing Views About Extending the 710 Freeway

February 23, 1992

The recent report (Times, Jan. 30) on the California Transportation Department by the "Little Hoover Commission" substantiates the statements we have issued over many years.

The report from the Hoover Commission states that the California Transportation program is antiquated, disorganized and wasteful and not likely to improve soon because Caltrans is wedded to a history as the state's highway department and cannot adapt to the new ideas such as mass transit and locally funded highway projects.

The city of South Pasadena couldn't agree more!

For years we tried, in good faith, to work out a compromise route for the Long Beach (710) Freeway through our town.

Time has proven that building more freeways will simply bring more cars and will not solve our traffic and air-pollution problems.

A multi-modal rapid transit system to move people and goods--not cars--is the answer to the problems of traffic, air pollution and noise in the Los Angeles Basin.



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