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Finding a Safe Acupuncturist

March 03, 1992|PAMELA WARRICK

* Accreditation. California requires all acupuncturists--including physicians--to hold an acupuncturist license. If the posted license is not current, ask the practitioner to show you his or her renewal card with expiration date.

* Cleanliness. Apply the same standards of hygiene you would to any medical office or clinic. The acupuncture table or bed should have fresh, clean linens for each patient.

* Needles. Although California does not require the use of disposable needles, the practice is highly recommended. If disposable needles are being used, they should be discarded in a clearly labeled container for contaminated waste. If reusable needles are being used, they should be sterilized between uses in an autoclave.

* Honesty. Be wary of unbelievable advertising or exaggerated claims. An acupuncturist who promises to make you thin in five days, cure your cancer or make you pain-free forever should be avoided.

* Communication. You should feel comfortable asking questions, and the practitioner should be eager to provide answers.

For information or to file complaints, contact the state Acupuncture Committee, 1420 Howe Ave., Suite 14, Sacramento, Calif. 95825.

For the Record
Los Angeles Times Friday March 6, 1992 Home Edition View Part E Page 12 Column 4 View Desk 1 inches; 30 words Type of Material: Correction
Acupuncture--Physicians do not need additional licenses to practice acupuncture in California. Because of misinformation provided by state consumer officials, a story in Tuesday's View section was incorrect.

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