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Praise and Criticism for 'Then and NOW'

March 04, 1992

As a latent feminist at 31, I've chosen a controversial time to realize that whether one chooses to identify with the woman's movement or not . . . simply by being a woman you are undeniably part of it.

The National Organization for Women, which has since the '60s given direction to the women's movement and helped push this nation over many milestones in women's rights, has recently been under fire from within and without.

The hot topic of controversy today, (which) some would like to think could make or break NOW, is Patricia Ireland and her lesbian companion.

There will always be those who offer Marabel Morgan, the Total Woman, as the tempered balance to their perception of feminism gone left, but can we afford to belabor whether Patricia Ireland's added sexual dimension is an advantage or detriment to her leadership ability?

Ownership of our bodies free from government decree; sexual (orientation) not determined by social acceptance; proportionate representation in government; equal jobs for equal pay not clouded with sexual harassment--these are just some of the issues that demand the strength and unity of both sexes and especially (of) women.

So let's choose which battle we want to fight and leave the mudslinging to those whose tentative power is threatened by the single organized voice of women creating change.


Redondo Beach

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