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Lakewood City Council

March 05, 1992

Lakewood population: 73,557

Election: April 14

On the ballot: Five candidates for three at-large seats


Wayne Piercy

Age: 60

Occupation: Administrator in Long Beach Unified School District

Remarks: "I understand both our city's problems and its potential. My proven leadership will, I believe, continue to benefit our city as we face the challenges of the future. In the face of limited city funds and financial encroachments by state and federal agencies, we've held to our budgets and kept pace with public works projects and improvements to every extent possible." Piercy has served on the council four years and feels it is important to continue providing residents with community services and strong police protection. "There is much to be done in developing new income sources and maintaining the quality of our neighborhoods."

Marc Titel

Age: 42

Occupation: Public affairs officer with the Automobile Club of Southern California

Remarks: "I have served the city of Lakewood for 15 years, including the past eight years on the City Council. I have demonstrated leadership to deal with various challenges and crises the city has faced and faces, such as the recession and reduced revenues." The city has not cut any vital services to residents, he said. "Difficult decisions need to be made to continue to provide critical services . . . despite declining tax revenue. This is not the time for on-the-job training for newcomers. Lakewood deserves better than vague promises of change by those who have not demonstrated their ability through service to the community."

Robert G. Wagner

Age: 53

Occupation: Aerospace engineer

Remarks: "I have played a leadership role in shaping today's Lakewood and have the experience needed to face the challenges of the future. During my four years on the council, including this year as mayor, we've weathered the recession without major service cutbacks, a result of conservative management. Our water conservation program is successful and we've added Rynerson Park and an equestrian center to our recreational facilities." Other accomplishments include new senior citizen housing and Neighborhood Watch programs. Wagner is chairman of a 14-city coalition to protect ground water from contamination.


Sydney Chambers

Age: 24

Occupation: Political science student at Long Beach City College

Remarks: "I'm tired of looking at the same guys up on the council. If elected, I would let the people know that I'm available for them and will help them out." She is believes that the city spends too much money, and that the current council members do not assist residents enough. "They make the citizens do all the work when they have a problem. The council should be working toward meeting the citizens' needs. They have a do-it-yourself attitude, which is unacceptable."

Patrick English

Age: 36

Occupation: Administrator in the Riverside County Social Services Department

Remarks: "I am prepared to give the city leadership. I have a strong background and experience in government service. It's time for a change, and the citizens see that as an issue. The current council members aren't providing residents with enough guidance and direction in these economic times." He said the quality of life in the city is good, but he wants to create more affordable housing and improve access to jobs and recreational activities. "We need to explore business opportunities to expand the sales tax revenue, stop the loss of business in town and work toward a positive economic development."

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