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La Habra Heights City Council

March 05, 1992

La Habra Heights population: 6,226

Election: April 14

On the ballot: Five candidates for three at-large seats


Judy Hathaway-Francis

Age: 53

Occupation: Businesswoman

Remarks: "I have been an on-the-job, hard-working council member, available to all, giving honest answers and prompt attention to community problems. My record on the council and my 21 years of volunteer public service to the community assures continued honest, diligent and knowledgeable leadership and representation. I'm concerned that one-acre minimum lots are in danger from investors." Developers have proposed building a golf course, club and 120 homes on 545 acres of natural land. "Whatever is done there will affect the entire community. Once it's graded it will never be the same. We need to make sure the project is in the best interests of the entire community."


George B. Cooke

Age: 61

Occupation: Business owner

Remarks: "My primary goal is to preserve our one-acre zoning and rural environment. My engineering, business management and Planning Commission experience make me uniquely qualified to address the city's most important issue, the Powder Canyon development. The community has voted in favor of the development, so we'll need to enable that development to move forward." The development is the largest to come to the city and must be done right, he said. "I support a conservative balanced budget that funds strong police and fire protection. We are a rare example of a community existing without a commercial or industrial tax base, and survive because of the volunteerism of dedicated folks who want to preserve the rural lifestyle of our unique community."

Kassen W. Klein

Age: 28

Occupation: Banker

Remarks: "As an 18-year resident, I have seen the community grow and develop. I'm young, energetic and have an interest to serve our community." Klein is concerned about the need to monitor future development in the city to protect the environment. The biggest issue facing the City Council, he said, will be monitoring the Powder Canyon project, a proposed housing and recreational development. "I believe strongly that our community must have a well-planned, carefully managed growth policy, one that assures the lifestyle that brought us all here. In addition, I will seek to work for those policies that will keep our city safe, secure and comfortable for us all. We can and should learn from the past to guide us in our design for a better future."

Catherine Montford

Age: 20

Occupation: History and economics student at UCLA

Remarks: "I am a proponent of slow growth, a balanced budget and an efficacious anti-crime enforcement package. We need to redefine our dark-sky policy. While darkness provides enjoyment to our rural atmosphere, it also invites the misdoings of burglars and prowlers." Montford would like to increase police helicopter patrols over the city and calls for mandatory drug testing of all city employees. She also is concerned about traffic problems that could result from the Powder Canyon project. "I am ready to dedicate my time and efforts to serve the community. I will bring about a fresh and creative approach to the city's government and its reformations."

John G. Powers

Age: 35

Occupation: Lawyer

Remarks: "I have a strong appreciation for our rural area and the environment. I want to see the area stay the same and preserve its uniqueness. My experience working on the Planning Commission and real estate and land-use laws enables me to be alert to various issues." Powers has served on the Planning Commission for five years and was on the Parks and Recreation Commission for one year. "I would like to help the city continue the momentum developed in the community. We should further efforts to continue family activities because families with their children are the resources of the future. I want higher awareness of safety and the establishment of more neighborhood watches. The community needs to look out for each other."

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