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A Few Padres Must Prove They're Worth the Money

March 07, 1992

Is it time for the San Diego Padres again, and all of you poor players who will prove to be overpaid again. A few preseason comments:

--To Randy Myers, who apparently won't talk to the media. You won't earn what they're paying you.

--To Benito Santiago, prove you are worth the millions you claim to be worth.

--To Andy Benes, do yourself a favor and tell 'em to get lost after the season.

--To Fred McGriff, the best to you.

--To Tony Gwynn, too bad there are not more people like you in this world. Maybe you can lead the Padres to better things. I know you will do your part and earn you money.

--To Greg Riddoch, Leo Durocher was quoted as saying, "Nice guys finish last." I hope you can prove him wrong in these days of portfolio pooh-poohs.

--To Joe McIlvaine, is second place in the NL West a good goal?

--To Padre owners, kudos for not getting sucked in to Bobby Bonilla, Danny Tartabull, etc. If their new teams win it all, it won't be because of their respective exploits.

--To Padre fans, it's baseball, the hot dogs are in season, as well as beer, popcorn, Cracker Jack and whatever else brings you out to the old ball game. Sorry I can't join you all. I am a sinner--I smoke.


Solana Beach

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