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Cole And The Closet

March 08, 1992

A rebuttal to Kristine McKenna's review of my book, "Travels With Cole Porter," which appeared in your paper on Dec. 29:

I take great offense at being called dishonest!!

"Travels With Cole Porter" is not a biography of Cole Porter, nor was it ever meant to be. It is simply a personal journal of two rather extensive trips taken by two good friends. Nothing more.

It is not a biography.

Now to quote McKenna: "This book is not a treatise on Porter's sexuality, but Howard's treatment of this aspect of Porter's life seems vaguely dishonest and is a disservice to the gay community."

To quote: "One of the more peculiar things about this book is that Howard seems intent on shoving Porter back in the closet."

My response to McKenna's hysterical flag-waving in support of the homosexual world: You and your friends could take a lesson from a man who did not flaunt his great achievements, his wealth, his life style or his sexuality.

Cole Porter was never in any closet--he was simply a man who knew how to behave.


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