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Santa Fe Springs City Council

March 08, 1992

Santa Fe Springs population: 15,520

Election: April 14

On the ballot: Eight candidates for three seats


Amat Barcelon

Age: 66

Occupation: Retired Rockwell project administrator

Remarks: "My goals are to continue to provide the excellent programs we have given all the residents, which they have been able to benefit from. I intend to keep up with those programs. I'm proud of the entire city and the new programs for the kids and seniors. Currently we are dedicating a new police service center. As far as I'm concerned, there are no big issues in this election. When the City Council appointed me (in 1990) . . . they picked the best man for the job. I was on the Planning Commission for six years and that gave me a good knowledge of what was going on in the city. I'm confident, and I know I'm going to win."

Albert L. Sharp

Age: 59

Occupation: Independent salesman

Remarks: "There aren't any real big issues in Santa Fe Springs. One of the nice things is that when a problem does pop up, it's addressed immediately. I've been on the council--in May it will be 10 years--and had a tremendous amount of accomplishments: the beautification of the city, planning and development of the industrial area, freeway sound walls and railroad sound walls." Residents are generally happy about the development of the community and they like what they see, he said. "I've lived here 34 years. My goals are to continue to work for benefiting the community and striving to develop an income for the community that is recession-proof."

Betty Wilson

Age: Declined to state

Occupation: Retired chief deputy for Los Angeles City Councilmen L.E. Timberlake and Don Lorenson.

Remarks: "My biggest accomplishment is the buildup of this city. . . . Included in that are the things we have provided for the citizens, the parks and recreation areas, athletic center, aquatic center, police and fire services and beautification." After serving nine terms, she says she does not see any big issues in this election. "The individual candidates have brought up issues such as police services and gangs, but we don't have a constant gang problem--we have occasional gang problems. We are addressing these issues with a new police service center and a new public information office." The recession is a concern, she said. "We need to be careful, although we are in good shape and have had no layoffs."


Victoria Aguilera

Age: 34

Occupation: Educator, teaching gang prevention in Compton

Remarks: "I'm concerned with senior citizens, youths and the gang problem. Santa Fe Springs is basically an urban community, and the problems of the metropolitan area are infiltrating to our city. I'm concerned about the environment . . . our city has a lot of industry and factories, which contribute to noise pollution and traffic. And it's growing. I was born and raised in Santa Fe Springs, and I got a real good opportunity to see this city grow. I lived in a one-room shack with six brothers and sisters. Santa Fe Springs is a super community and I have a real vision for the people. I am inspired by the people who are in office now, and I want to continue that dream."

James F. Burton

Age: 49

Occupation: Executive vice president of Southern California Contractors Assn.

Remarks: "The biggest issues in this election are economic development and jobs. People are worried about their jobs and the slow economic development." Although Santa Fe Springs is a small city, the recession has had an effect on the city's revenue, he said. "The city needs someone who knows how to set priorities in council and tighten up the budget. I understand how this all works. I have had my own company and have had a business background for over 20 years. I'm interested in helping the city, and I have new and fresh ideas. I'm not being critical of the people who are serving now. They have done a good job, but it's time for a change."

Mercedes Diaz

Age: 52

Occupation: Operates a board-and-care home for developmentally disabled people

Remarks: "The biggest issues are unemployment, no access for community involvement in the decision-making process, crime and gang activity. I'm also concerned with the services for children and senior citizens. I know what it takes to operate a business and am very strong in budgeting and administration." She said in 22 years in the community she has met many residents who are disenchanted and do not vote. "I walked through the community last Saturday and Sunday and got 57 people to register to vote. These are people who have never voted before. Accessibility of the community into the decision-making process needs to be a priority, and then we can take care of the problems."

James W. Hogan Jr.

Age: 62

Occupation: Contract negotiator for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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