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La Mirada City Council

March 15, 1992

La Mirada population: 40,452

Election: April 14

On the ballot: Four candidates for two at-large seats


Bob Chotiner

Age: 51

Occupation: Owner of a wholesale clothing business

Remarks: "My primary objective as a member of the City Council has always been, and will continue to be, to improve the level of city services for all residents, from our youth to our seniors. The experience I have gained serving as the mayor and city councilman for the past four years will be invaluable in enabling me to continue to achieve these goals." His experience in budgeting and financial management as a business owner can be applied to his work at the city, Chotiner said. "I am well aware of the challenges facing our community, and will continue to be actively involved in seeking solutions to these challenges and to have La Mirada continue to be a safe place to live and raise a family."

C. David Peters

Age: 49

Occupation: Political science professor

Remarks: "The issue of maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in La Mirada must be attacked on many fronts. All the issues facing the city are pocketbook issues. We have to maintain solvency and a strong financial structure." La Mirada has $9 million in cash reserves, he said. "I'm for more police protection; we need to continue to be proactive if we are to win the war against drugs and gangs. We need to provide for our youth, and are in the process of designing an athletic facility. And we need to provide for our seniors." The number of senior citizens in the city has doubled in 10 years, he said, and plans are being developed to build a new senior center.


Dale C. Shinn

Age: 47

Occupation: Telephone equipment maintenance manager

Remarks: "I want to see the city continue growing at the pace it is, with more attention to parks and recreation areas. It's a fine city, but I'd like to see more community involvement. In 1990, we didn't even have an election because no one applied for the positions." Only 18% of the voters turned out in 1988, he said. "I'm concerned about voter apathy in the city. It's easy to overlook local issues with all the problems the country is facing, but we can't let (the incumbents) think this is a cakewalk and have no election at all. I can donate all my spare time to the issues facing the City Council. I don't think we need major changes, but things get stagnant with the same people governing all the time. Sometimes diversity works better."

Pete Dames

Age: 50

Occupation: President of an insurance services company

Remarks: "I want to continue serving our community. This is an extraordinary opportunity for me to make a little difference in our city. I want this city to be as good a place for our children and grandchildren as it has been for me. A changing community, combined with the fact that we do not have a clear, consistent, continuing communication system, is causing us to lose our sense of community. One of my top priorities would be to establish an effective communication system." He said the city needs to work to keep small businesses in town. "We are losing businesses at an alarming rate. We have a glut of vacant commercial, industrial and retail space. We need to make the development process smooth and easy."

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