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Prime-Time Flicks

March 15, 1992|KEVIN THOMAS

The whimsical and poignant 1985 Back to the Future (NBC Sunday at 8:30 p.m.) finds small-town youth Michael J. Fox accidentally sent back 30 years, where to his chagrin he discovers his mother is crazy about him rather than his own father.

In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing (NBC Monday at 9 p.m.) is a first-rate 1990 TV movie a 1986 shootout between a pair of killers and the FBI that becomes a taut thriller. Ronny Cox stars.

Starring and written by Paul Simon and directed by Robert M. Young, the 1980 One-Trick Pony (KCET Monday at 11:05 p.m.) is a film of much wit, style and impact as it focuses on a successful rock star approaching crisis both in his professional and personal lives.

The provocative 1986 Death of a Soldier (KTLA Tuesday at 8 p.m.) is a suspense story that culminates in a tense courtroom drama and offers a wry commentary on chronic American arrogance abroad. Reb Brown stars as an American soldier accused of strangling three young Melbourne women during World War II.

John Ford's glorious 1952 romantic comedy The Quiet Man (KTTV Tuesday at 8 p.m.) is set in Ireland and stars John Wayne as a champion Irish-American boxer returning to his birthplace and beguiled by fiery Maureen O'Hara.

Written by William Hanley and directed by Randa Haines, the 1984 TV movie Something About Amelia (KTLA Wednesday at 8 p.m.) was a landmark in its expansive, candid yet sensitive exploration of incest. Ted Danson and Roxana Zal star as troubled father and exploited daughter; Glenn Close is extraordinary as the mother caught in the middle.

In the 1988 TV movie My First Love (ABC Thursday at 8 p.m.), directed by Gilbert Cates, Bea Arthur has never been so appealing as a widowed driving school instructor who meets up with her high school crush (Richard Kiley), a successful, divorced doctor.

Max and Helen (KTLA Friday at 8 p.m.) is a suspenseful and textured 1990 made-for-cable movie with a burnished performance by Martin Landau as Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and Treat Williams and Alice Krige as concentration camp survivors and separated lovers.

Red Heat (CBS Saturday at 8 p.m.). Walter Hill's above-average, 1988 Soviet-fish-in-American-water cop thriller teams Arnold Schwarzenegger's Russian Dirty Harry with--or rather, against--wisecracking Chicago cop Jim Belushi.

A Soldier's Story (KCOP Saturday at 8:30 p.m.), Norman Jewison's adroit and compelling 1984 film from Charles Fuller's Pulitzer Prize-winning play stars Howard E. Rollins as a young black investigating the murder of a black officer in a Southern military camp during World War II--and discovering racism within the ranks of the blacks.

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