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O.C. MOVIE REVIEW : 'Toto': Heroic Film Is Fully Delightful


The difference is that, unlike many putative cinematic whiz kids, Van Dormael does not check his humanity or his feelings at the door. An unlikely combination of Terry Gilliam and Frank Capra, he understands perfectly the longing to be somebody and to right the aching wrongs of a lifetime. Finally, though, "Toto le Heros" greatest accomplishment is that it reminds you of nothing so much as itself. It is that most elusive of cinematic events, often announced but rarely seen, the arrival of a new talent gifted enough to be deserving of a hero's welcome.

'Toto le Heros'

Michel Bouquet: old Thomas

Jo De Backer: adult Thomas

Thomas Godet: child Thomas

Mirelle Perrier: Evelyne

Sandrine Blancke: Alice

Peter Bohlke: old Alfred

Didier Ferney: adult Alfred

Hugo Harold Harrisson child Alfred

A Belgian-French-German co-production, released by Triton Pictures. Director Jaco Van Dormael. Producers Pierre Drout, Dany Geys. Co-producers Phillippe Dussart, Luciano Gloor. Screenplay Jaco Van Dormael. Cinematographer Walther Van Den Ende. Editor Susana Rossberg. Costumes An D'Huys, Anne Van Bree. Music Pierre Van Dormael. Art director Hubert Pouille. Sound Dominique Warnier, Jean-Paul Loublier. Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes.

RIGHT DIRECTION: Jaco Van Dormael's movie has put Belgium on the filmmaking map. F29

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