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Going Beyond Basics

SHOPPING SCENES: A Guide to the Westside Pavilion. One in a Series.


At Bath & Body Works, a charming, country-style store that belongs to the Limited trio, the scents are already blended into potpourri, soaps, shower gels, body lotions, colognes and lotions.

Back at Westside I, delicious aromas waft from Cook Works, a store specializing in gourmet coffees ($8.75 a pound for regular, $9.75 for decaffeinated), kitchen wares and decorative, practical gourds ($58 to $186).

At Wood of a Kind, gift items made in Los Angeles of exotic imports, such as zebrawood, bubinga and cocabola, , are priced from $9 for a business-card holder to $172 for a two-tiered jewelry box.

The store, another temporary tenant, is on the first floor near Nordstrom. It has been a favorite with Japanese and French tourists, manager Melody Buchanan says. And with Charlie Sheen, whose Christmas list included heart-shaped puzzle boxes ($39 to $51).

Impostors lives up to its name with good copies of Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany and Barbara Bush's three-strand pearl necklace ($70 when the popular item is in stock). Assistant manager Michael Talley says customers include "a lot of Beverly Hills ladies. Once they've been robbed, they don't want to have the real thing again."

Some of the real thing is missing from Everything But Water, a sleek swimsuit store catering to starlets who want G-string bikinis, teeny-boppers who want slightly more coverage and grandmothers "who want the Esther Williams look," says manager Jill Bopf . The staff once wore swimsuits on the job. Now they don't. But the selection is as impressive as ever: more than 2,000 styles, sizes 5 to 24, priced $40 to $300.

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