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Aspirations of Council Members Are Questioned

March 22, 1992

In the November election, Phyllis Papen ran for the Diamond Bar City Council, supposedly to serve the Diamond Bar community for four years. Now she has announced that she is running for the 60th Assembly District.

I feel the citizens of Diamond Bar deserve better than this. If Papen does not intend to serve out her four-year term as councilwoman for Diamond Bar, she should give up her seat on the Diamond Bar council and pass it on to the next highest vote-getter in the last election.

Now we come to Jay Kim, who has been more responsive to the community input. However, Jay Kim has also announced that he is a candidate for the 41st Congressional District, so he should give up his seat as mayor of Diamond Bar and give it to one of the (next) highest vote-getters in the last council election.

They want to run for higher office, but if they lose they still want to retain their council seats.

Councilman Gary Miller is a land developer.

Papen is in the real estate business.

Councilman John Forbing is in the insurance business.

Kim owns his own civil engineering firm.

Councilman Gary Werner is a city planner for other cities.

If you think they are in office for only basic public interest, I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.


Diamond Bar

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