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Praying Mantis May Have Had Prayer Answered

March 22, 1992|Bill Sidnam

QUESTION: Each year I have lots of helpful praying mantis insects in my garden. Can you tell me what the egg cases look like so I won't accidentally destroy them?

ANSWER: They are about one inch across, roundish and cream or pale yellow in color. They are made of a hard gummy substance. The egg cases are usually attached to branches or twigs on shrubs and trees.

'Banana-Belt' Area Perfect for Mangoes

Q: Can a mango tree be grown in Southern California?

A: It depends on where you live. Mango trees are grown to perfection in the almost frost-free "banana belt" areas of the Southland. In other zones which experience colder temperatures, the trees must be given protection from freezing temperatures. Although some damage may occur at 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the trees will generally be OK if the temperature does not drop below 28 degrees.

Pineapple Guava--Hedge You Can Eat

Q: A friend recommends that I plant pineapple guava plants for a hedge. What do you think?

A: Pineapple guava plants (Feijoa sellowiana) make an excellent hedge. They are beautiful shrubs with silvery foliage and bright red blossoms. In the fall they produce tasty fruit which may be eaten fresh or used for jelly. Once established, the shrubs are fairly drought-tolerant and may be pruned often.

Citrus Grown From Seed Bear Poor Fruit

Q: I have an orange tree growing in my yard that I planted from a seed. It is now three years old. How long before it has fruit?

A: If planted from a seed, it should take about five or six years to bear fruit. I hate to tell you this, but citrus trees produced from seed seldom bear fruit of any quality.

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