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Occupation: Bartender

March 30, 1992|Researched by ROSE APODACA / Los Angeles Times

Name: Soraya Papadakis

Company: The Stag, Costa Mesa

Thumbs up: "I like knowing everybody."

Thumbs down: "If I didn't completely enjoy this I wouldn't do it. My hardest time though is when it's slow."

Advice: "Treat your clientele like you'd want to be treated. Always remember each person is an individual."

Salary range: Trainees start at minimum wage; experienced bartenders can earn from $5 to $12 an hour, not including tips.

Hours: Bartenders usually work evenings, weekends and holidays.

Educational and training requirements: Mostly on-the-job training.

Size of work force: There are about 3,880 bartenders in the county.

Expected demand: An estimated 800 more bartenders will be needed in the county in the next five years.

For more information: Ask questions of a prospective employer. Also call the state Employment Development Department.

Source: Employment Development Department

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