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Skinny on Getting Jeans to Fit

April 03, 1992|BETH ANN KRIER

DEAR HOT: I've been to every jeans shop on the planet, and I still can't find jeans that hug my skinny bod.

Is there a place I've overlooked, one that sells jeans for odd-shaped bodies?

DEAR HOT SHOPPER: You can never be too rich, but you can be too thin, particularly when it comes to shopping for jeans.

But there's hope: Buy the snuggest jeans you can find--even if they look like Hammer-style baggies on you--and then take them to Dr. Blue Jeanns, a funky little shop at 10964 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

Julia Roberts, Doc Severinsen, Tony Perkins and Loni Anderson bring their denims here for expert alterations.

Tony Pacheco, Dr. Blue Jeanns, has so many specialized machines for making altered jeans "look original" that his place resembles a mini sewing factory.

He'll take in waists ($13), tighten up legs ($13), replace zippers ($11), put in hems ($6), replace buttons ($1.50) and more.

He's even got a trick for adding an inch to a waistband without the alteration "being too noticeable."

SHOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE: L.A.-based fashion designer Leon Max buys clothes all over the world, but when he's in town, his purchases tend to come from Banana Republic stores ("well-done basics at good prices") and American Rag Cie Used ("old things that are really great").

Max is particularly fond of a couple of used tweed jackets he found at American Rag Cie Used (136 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles).

"Right off the rack, a new tweed jacket makes you look like a salesman at Neiman Marcus," he says. "I used to throw my tweed jackets on the floor and stomp on them so they'd look the way Irish peasants wear them. It rains on their jackets, so they lose their shape and conform to the body."

DEAR HOT: I love the sexy look of super-high-cut leotards over bike shorts, but they're a pain to wear.

Has anybody figured out how to stop these things from riding up?

DEAR HOT SHOPPER: The trompe l'oeil unitard from Pro Line (pictured, $95) looks like the sultry duo you want, but it's actually one smooth garment of comfortable cotton and Lycra.

The style, at Theodore in Beverly Hills (453 N. Rodeo Drive), marries skintight '90s style with graphics reminiscent of the '48 Olympics.

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