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L.A. FIESTA BROADWAY : Street Festival to Draw Top Musical Stars

April 16, 1992

The following artists are scheduled to perform at L.A. Fiesta Broadway. This list, provided by KMEX-TV, is subject to additions and last-minute cancellations. The stages at which the performers will appear have not been announced.

Lucha Villa: One of Mexico's best known ranchera singers for almost 30 years.

Luis Angel: His "Del Corazon del Hombre" has been among the top 10 Latin albums on the Billboard charts and a song he co-wrote won a 1991 Grammy. Luis Angel's melodic ballads center around passionate themes.

Willy Chirino: The Cuban-born salsa legend is a composer, singer and musician with a worldwide following for what he calls his "musical salad" style of American arrangements, Cuban rhythms and tropical influences.

Ricky Martin: A native of Puerto Rico, the young singer--a former member of the pop group Menudo--has fast become a sensation. He has been among the top 10 of Billboard's Latin albums.

Rock Kids: A unique quartet of very young Mexican rockers--ages 7-12-- who together comprise a family of two brothers and two sisters. All four play their own instruments and sing.

Alvaro Torres: Salvadoran singer known for his romantic ballads. He now lives in Los Angeles.

Magneto: These five young men from Mexico have risen quickly on the Latin pop charts, with the bulk of their fans coming from the teen-age crowd.

Rebeca Silva: A Mexican actress, with many movies and novelas to her credit, she has begun singing with mariachis. She will sing and emcee at L.A. Fiesta Broadway.

Lisa Lopez: A Corpus Christi, Tex., native who has developed her career in Los Angeles, singer Lopez also plays the piano and flute.

Selena y Los Dinos: Another group from Corpus Christi that plays Tex-Mex music, as well as ballads and rock in a Tex-Mex style.

Gerardo: He is often referred to by the name of his hit single "Rico Suave." The songs of this Los Angeles-based rapper are in "Spanglish," a blend of Spanish and English.

El Comandante: This young Spanish-language rapper is from the Dominican Republic.

Los Reos: One of several rock en espanol groups. This band is a little different in that its songwriting team hails from Uruguay, while the lead singer is an African-American.

Caifanes: This Mexican New Wave-style band is known for its rock en espanol recordings.

Los Diablos: A group known for its traditional Mexican music, including ballads and cumbia-style arrangements.

Carla de Leon: Known for her traditional renditions of Mexican music and ballads.

Los Barbaros de Santa Barbara: This group of musicians also play traditional Mexican music.

Lula and Afro Brasil: Los Angeles samba musicians and dancers, originally from Brazil.

Laura Canales: This singer hails from Corpus Christi and sings in a Tex-Mex, country style.

Graciela Magana: Known mostly for her pop ballads, this Mexican-born singer now lives and records in Los Angeles.

Yari More: Another Los Angeles-based singer, he won OTI competition three times in his native Colombia; performs in a salsa/tropical style.

Baudelio Rodriguez: Mexican-born ranchera singer who now lives in Los Angeles.

Imelda Miller: Romantic balladeer who has been a multiple-winner at the OTI festival for her interpretation of songs.

Poncho Sanchez: San Francisco-based Latin jazzman, known for his conga playing.

Banda Blanca: A popular tropical/salsa music group from Honduras.

Jerry Rivera: A teen-age salsa artist whose career has just taken off.

Los Costenos: This band, from Honduras, plays a popular new style of dance music called punta as well as salsa and tropical arrangements.

Super Banda Cahoba: L.A-based band that plays tropical music as well as punta dance music.

Suzy Gonzalez: Mainly known for her pop ballads, she is starting to break into singing with mariachis.

Julian: A romantic balladeer from Puerto Rico.

Sergio Facheli: This Mexican pop balladeer also sings with mariachis.

Tecno Banda: This band of two women and eight men blends traditional sounds from the northern part of Mexico with other modern musical influences for a unique style.

Sonia Rivas: A popular singer who performs with mariachis as well as a 16-piece banda, which plays traditional music from Sinaloa.

Jorge Vargas: A ranchero -style singer who hails from Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Cornelio Reyna Jr.: The son of popular ranchera singer Cornelio Reyna, the younger Reyna performs in his father's style.

Dueto Fronteras: A male-female duo from Mexico who sing rancheras.

Los Vagos de Mexicali: Mexican quartet that plays regional, traditional Mexican music.

Xipetotec: Pre-Columbian style dancers with colorful costumes in Aztec style. Many of troupe members are from the same family.

Ballet Alma de Mexico: California-based folkloric dance troupe with about 25 dancers.

Menudo: This newest version of the pop group has young singers from Texas, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Orquesta Mazacote: A Cuban-American group that plays salsa/tropical music.

Marimba Reina Maya: A band hailing from Veracruz, Mexico, that plays tropical-style music.

Rudy Regalado: This Venezuelan-born band leader and his Chevere group perform in salsa style.

Grupo Tiempo Nuevo: Los Angeles-based group known for traditional Mexican ballads.

Aida Cuevas: Young ranchero -style singer who also performs with mariachis.

Yoshio: A pop balladeer with Japanese-Mexican parents who makes his home in Mexico.

Mario Pintor: Mexican-born pop balladeer.

Edgardo Gazcon: A movie and novela actor who also sings ballads and rancheras .

Olga Breeskin and Iris Chacon: Known best for their sensual Vegas showgirl-style dancing, Chacon's show incorporates her Caribbean roots, while Mexico's Breeskin also plays the violin.

Mariachi Sol de Mexico: Jose Hernandez leads this well-known Los Angeles group. Also performances by Mariachi Los Rancheros, Mariachi Juvenil Tecalitlan, Mariachi Los Michoacanos and Mariachi Los Nobles.

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