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L.A. FIESTA BROADWAY : Some Tips for Making a Good Time Even Better

April 16, 1992|BETH KLEID

KMEX organizers say there is no secret to enjoying L.A. Fiesta Broadway: All you have to do is go to the event and explore it. But executive producer Mario Proenza III provides these tips for making the most of the fiesta experience:

* Take public transportation or car-pool to the fiesta. The RTD is planning to add buses to its routes on the day of the event. Some parking will be available in the lots around the fiesta's perimeter. These lots will charge $5 to $10 for the day, and county parking lots farther from the site will charge $2. Olive and Spring streets and Broadway in the vicinity of the fiesta will be closed to traffic.

* Use the maps published in this Nuestro Tiempo guide and other material to navigate the downtown area on fiesta day. Buy one of the Miracle on Broadway official fiesta programs. These will be sold on the day of the event (proceeds go to the organization, which is dedicated to the revitalization of Broadway). Determine what time your favorite acts will be playing and on which stages so you can plan your day.

* Attend with your family and friends to share the family-oriented entertainment.

* Participate! In addition to watching the talent on the stages, enjoy the World Cup Sports Center, the Health and Beauty Fair, the carnival, the games. Bring the littlest ones to Los Ninos Play Park.

* Enjoy free merchandise from the various corporations sponsoring the event.

* Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking a lot throughout the fiesta, which covers about a two-mile area. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a stroller for the baby.

* If it's a sunny day, wear a hat and bring sunscreen. If it's hot, you may want to bring along a bottle of water.

* Do not bring cans or bottles of alcohol to the fiesta. Beer-drinking will be restricted to a designated beer garden.

* Try the many types of food that will be available throughout the fiesta.

* Move around and explore if you want, but if you stay at one stage for a while you'll be sure to see a mix of entertainment.

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