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Congress: 25th District


May 03, 1992

Q. What should any defense savings be used for: lower taxes, reduced deficit, spending on domestic programs?

Logsdon: Lowered taxes must be given back to the investor, the American taxpayer.

Lynch: All of the above, but not in equal degrees.

McKeon: The savings should be used to reduce the deficit, provide meaningful retraining and job placement for displaced workers, and rebuild our country's infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools etc.)

McVarish: Reduction of the deficit.

Rousselot: Reduced deficit and lower taxes.

Wyman: Reducing the deficit, lowering taxes and redirecting some defense spending into our space program.

Welfare Waste

Q. Do you believe a lot of money is being wasted on social welfare programs?

Logsdon: That depends on how one looks at the problem. The perception of many Americans is that social welfare programs are subjected to rampant abuse. That perception can only be changed by government agencies becoming more effective in addressing social welfare needs. Historically, Americans have been willing to stretch their helping hands around the globe; that willful gesture is more evident at home. The American people are not opposed to social welfare, but are against social welfare exploitation and abuse.

For the Record
Los Angeles Times Tuesday May 5, 1992 Valley Edition Metro Part B Page 5 Column 1 Zones Desk 2 inches; 44 words Type of Material: Correction
Photo captions--The captions of pictures published Sunday of two candidates in the 25th Congressional District were reversed. John J. Lynch was Los Angeles County assessor from 1986 to 1990. Howard (Buck) McKeon is a former mayor of Santa Clarita and helps run a family-owned chain of Western clothing stores.
PHOTO: Lynch

Lynch: Yes.

McKeon: Yes. The current welfare system perpetuates poverty, works against keeping families together and has created a permanent underclass of citizens. The system must be changed to provide only short-term payments and to require heads of households to work and improve job skills if they're physically able.

McVarish: Yes. Many programs create and breed dependency instead of independence and, for many, it's a modern-day slavery.

Rousselot: Yes. I support the Work and Family Responsibility Plan proposed by the Republican leadership in Congress. Under the proposal, people on welfare for more than 12 months must go to work or to school to continue receiving benefits.

Wyman: Most social welfare programs have lost sight of their objectives--to help families become self-sufficient and productive members of society. Too much of our welfare dollars go to fraud, poverty pimps, bureaucrats and social workers harassing people struggling to survive. Able-bodied welfare recipients should work and not be penalized for it.

Welfare Benefits

Q. Do you support reducing welfare benefits of parents who do not go to school, attend training or find a job; do not make sure that their children attend school or get basic medical care, or who continue to have more children while on welfare?

Logsdon: Yes.

Lynch: Yes.

McKeon: Yes. I would favor all but the restriction on having children.

McVarish: Yes. The concept of welfare must be redefined as a short-term program.

Rousselot: Yes.

Wyman: The working poor should live as well as or better than welfare recipients. People who work to get off welfare should not have to hide their income to qualify for a little help when they need it.

Costly Programs

Q. Do you support significantly increased funding for the following programs, all of which are costly and controversial and employ significant numbers of workers who live in yours and surrounding districts? a) The B-2 Stealth bomber, b) The Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars"), c) The Space Station .

Logsdon: Stealth bomber--No. Star Wars--I agree with President Bush and Secretary of State Dick Cheney that funding should continue. Space Station--Significant increased funding for the space station at this time would not be a priority agenda item.

Lynch: Stealth bomber--Yes. Star Wars--Yes. Space Station--Yes.

McKeon: Stealth bomber--Yes. Star Wars--No. Space Station--No.

McVarish: No on all three.

Rousselot: Stealth bomber and Star Wars--yes, but does not have to be significant.

Wyman: Yes on all three. These are important projects that our California congressional delegation needs to fight to keep in California.

Employee Insurance

Q. Do you support requiring businesses either to provide health insurance to employees or contribute to a fund to provide health care for the uninsured?

Logsdon: Not answered.

Lynch: No. I support President Bush's plan.

McKeon: No. This is a very complex problem, but without doing something about controlling costs, we can't simply place the burden on business.

McVarish: I do believe that all Americans have a right to accessibility to medical care at a cost that will not bankrupt them. We need a national price-setting of the cost of treatment, insurance, medical litigation and the payment will be made by the employer, employee and taxpayer.

Rousselot: I support the plan called a "managed competition" program advanced by the Jackson Hole Group. It is the best advanced so far.

Wyman: Businesses should not be driven from the marketplace due to excess government regulations. I support health vouchers for the poor, tax deductions and tax credits for the middle class.

Health Care

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