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Congress: 25th District


May 03, 1992

Wyman: Yes. I authored a bill to stop vending-machine distribution of pornographic material accessible without limit to children. The taxpayers ought not to be compelled to pay for morally repulsive filth.

Striking Workers

Q. Do you support a law to forbid businesses to hire permanent replacements for striking workers?

Logsdon: No. With the economy as it is, such an approach would endanger even more an economic recovery.

Lynch: No.

McKeon: No.

McVarish: No.

Rousselot: No.

Wyman: No.

Hill or Thomas?

For the Record
Los Angeles Times Tuesday May 5, 1992 Valley Edition Metro Part B Page 5 Column 1 Zones Desk 2 inches; 44 words Type of Material: Correction
Photo captions--The captions of pictures published Sunday of two candidates in the 25th Congressional District were reversed. John J. Lynch was Los Angeles County assessor from 1986 to 1990. Howard (Buck) McKeon is a former mayor of Santa Clarita and helps run a family-owned chain of Western clothing stores.
PHOTO: Lynch

Q. Who do you think was more likely to have told the truth, Anita Hill or Clarence Thomas?

Logsdon: Ms. Hill did not prove her case. I believed Clarence Thomas.

Lynch: Cannot tell--a close call.

McKeon: I think they both had some problems with the truth.

McVarish: Anita Hill.

Rousselot: Justice Thomas, but both from their point of view.

Wyman: The American people, according to polls, and the Senate Judiciary Committee believe Clarence Thomas more than Anita Hill. Both persons were done a great injustice by the media circus over things that allegedly happened years ago.

Quality of Life

Q. What single change would most improve life in Southern California?

Logsdon: People returning to the basic beliefs that created this wonderful country--love of God, family and country.

Lynch: Improved and practical public transportation.

McKeon: Eliminate crime, provide safe feelings at home, in cars and at the schools.

McVarish: Immigration, the high cost not just in terms of taxpayer funding, but the cost of Balkanization of communities, the overt discrimination in advertising of goods and services in foreign languages.

Rousselot: Stop driving jobs and businesses out of California by unreasonable regulations. Full employment.

Wyman: An improved transportation system, including roads, public transit and rapid modern fixed rail. For example, a bullet train from LAX through the San Fernando into the Antelope Valley.

Public Figure

Q. What public figure do you most admire?

Logsdon: I admired Sen. Hatch's positive and astute defense of Clarence Thomas during the committee hearings.

Lynch: Roger Sherman, Alexander Hamilton, Ulysses S. Grant.

McKeon: George Washington.

McVarish: Leo Buscaglia, author and lecturer.

Rousselot: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Thomas Jefferson.

Wyman: President Ronald Reagan. Oliver North. Barry Goldwater.

Literary Influence

Q. What, if any, book have you recently read that influenced your view of public policy?

Logsdon: "Little Giant," the life and times of Speaker Carl Albert.

Lynch: "Parliament of Whores" by P.J. O'Rourke, "The New Realities" by Peter F. Drucker.

McKeon: "The Death of Ethics in America" by Cal Thomas.

McVarish: "Japanese Power Game" by William Holstein.

Rousselot: "In the Arena" by President Richard Milhouse Nixon.

Wyman: "The Conservative Mind" by Dr. Russel Kirk. "So You Think We Read the Bills?" by H. L. Richardson.


Larry Logsdon, 45, of Palmdale, is an American history teacher. He is making his first bid for public office. Logsdon has a master's degree from Angelo State University in Texas has done graduate work in Soviet studies and Russian at UCLA.

John J. Lynch, 55, of Northridge, is the former Los Angeles County assessor. He served in that office form 1986 to 1990, when he was defeated by political novice Kenneth P. Hahn, who is no relation to the county supervisor.

Howard (Buck) McKeon, 53, of Santa Clarita, is a retail merchant who helps run a family-owned chain of Western clothing stores. He is a former Santa Clarita mayor and council member and William S. Hart Union High School District Board of Trustees member.

Tom McVarish, 50, of Granada Hills, is a cost estimator for the state of California. A Republican, he has never held public office and is making his first try at being elected to a public post.

John H. Rousselot, 64, of Lancaster, is a management consultant. He served as a member of Congress for more than 20 years--from 1961 to 1983. He also was director of public information of the Federal Housing Administration.

Phillip D. Wyman, 47, of Lancaster, currently represents the central California's 34th Assembly District in Sacramento. He is the Assembly minority whip and was first elected in 1978.

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